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Stone walling and masonry services

We offer our services to locations across the Cotswolds, Cirencester, Bath, Tetbury, Malmesbury, Stroud, Nailsworth, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire. Generally within 50 miles of Tetbury but we have also worked internationally.

We are experts in dry stone walling, wall restoration, wall repair, groundworks, log sheds, conservatory and orangery walls and greenhouse walls.

Having won multiple awards for our work we are confident of being able to exceed your expectations – every time!

We understand your needs and offer a service which is tailor-made from beginning to end.

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Masonry & Walling Services

At Bespoke Stone Walling, we ensure every project we do is completed to the highest standards, while working to an agreed budget and timeframe, so you can be rest assured you are getting a quality, cost effective, build.

Dry Stone Walling

The art of dry stone walling has been practiced for hundreds of years and for good reason. A well-built dry stone wall is very practical, using a minimum of materials to create an extremely sturdy yet attractive structure. Having traditionally been used as barriers between different fields, most people associate dry stone walling with farmland, yet they can create an attractive, sturdy feature in any garden. Our team of craftsmen have several years’ training and experience so that you know the dry stone wall you are getting is built to the highest standard.

Wall Restoration

There are many reasons for wanting walling restored. Whether it is for the aesthetic look, practicalities or due to the listed nature of the structure, our restoration work ensures a wall looks as good and performs as well as it did originally, if not better. Our staff are trained and experienced in using a wide variety of building materials and methods to recreate the style you are looking for. It doesn’t matter if the restoration is to a retained or structural wall, uses reclaimed brick or stone, Bespoke Stone Walling is here to help, providing a high-level finish that will pass the test of time.

Wall repair, rebuild or replacement

Walls suffer damage through wear and tear, weather, time or some event or accident. To ensure a wall is structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing, it will need the attention of an experienced professional. At Bespoke Stone Walling we can repair, replace or rebuild walls and sections of wall to a high standard. From repointing and pinning to completely replacing large areas of brick or stonework, we will ensure a finish that matches the rest of a build or looks and performs as good as new.

Additional services

Stone Log sheds

Looking for somewhere to season your logs and keep them dry over winter look no further than our custom made log sheds

Lime mortar work

Lime mortar is a traditional mortar and as such many bricklayers are often not familiar with using it


Making the most of a garden on a steep slope often, ideally, requires a succession of stepped, level mini-gardens


At Bespoke Stone Walling we don’t just go up, we can also go downwards, offering a range of groundwork services.

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